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Liaoning University of Technology ~ Anshan, Liaoning

Bachelor’s in Software Engineering ~ 09/2007 - 01/2011

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I am a seasoned full-stack developer with a comprehensive background in C# across various product lines, including Unity, WPF, SystemCenter, WP, ASP.NET, and .NET Core. Proficient in backend microservices development using Kubernetes and Docker. My expertise extends to diverse client platforms such as iOS, Android, Hybrid, and Web. I have a strong ability to quickly adapt to and utilize unfamiliar frameworks and technologies, demonstrating proficiency in tool application and framework utilization. I excel in understanding and interpreting requirements, with robust communication skills to convey complex technical details to colleagues with different backgrounds. Effective communication with international teams in English is one of my strengths. I have experience in maintaining large technical documentation projects and am skilled in copywriting. Now I am running my own Kubernetes cluster under the domain shouyicheng.com, for example, 个人博客- 中文 is running inside a Kubernetes hosted by Azure(AKE). for more samples please visit

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Senior Beckend Engineer @iHerb.com | 01/2019 - 01/2024 Link to heading

  • iHerb is an E-commerce platform that sells health care products. During this period, I have been serving as a senior development engineer and participated in the development of many core projects. Participated in all projects related to e-commerce business

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Catalog - Core full-stack Developer

  • As a full-stack developer, I utilized multiple languages to implement business functionalities in various business components. Implemented a GraphQL data API using TypeScript and apollographql framework for Web (Desktop+React Mobile Web)/Mobile App/Mini Program. Also responsible for maintaining Web pages using MVC.
  • C#/.NET Core/Kubernetes/SQL Server/React/ASP.NET MVC/Apollo GraphQL/NodeJS/Dgraph/Kafka

UGC - Core Backend developer

  • Backend developer role responsible for maintaining user comments and Q&A. Used .NET Core 6.0 as the core API layer, with Elasticsearch as a full-text search engine, MongoDB for persistent storage, RabbitMQ for handling user-submitted comments and Q&A, and Hangfire for periodic data processing and adapting to new requirements.
  • C#/.NET Core/Kubernetes/SQL Server/ASP.NET MVC/Elasticsearch/MongoDB/RabbitMQ/Hangfire

Gateway API - Core Backend developer

  • Developed an API for SEO on the server side. Redirected sub-sites based on different countries, regions, and languages, serving as the core SEO middleware for the entire UGC project. Independently completed API design, data source organization, cache strategy formulation, coding, unit testing, release, and deployment.
  • C#/.NET Core/Kubernetes/SQL Server/ASP.NET MVC

Incentive Review Mechanism

  • Functionality involved rewarding users with $1 in cash for submitting a valid review. Designed the entire process from user submission of a review to awarding $1. Implemented a thorough review process, including scanning user-added reviews, scoring reviews, verifying review effectiveness, and checking past review records. Utilized the Chain of Responsibility pattern to improve efficiency and code readability.
  • C#/.NET Core 6.0/Kubernetes/RabbitMQ/MongoDB

BFF (Backend For Frontend)

  • As an architect and backend developer, provided data APIs to Mobile App and Mini Program. Built a Web API project based on ASP.NET Core, a database microservice using Parse Server, and utilized MongoDB for storage. Redis was used for frontend caching.
  • C#/.NET Core 2.2/Kubernetes/Jenkins CI/CD/MongoDB

Development [email protected] | 05/2014 - 12/2018 Link to heading

The core C# developer and maintainer of official tech docs.

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C# SDK - Core Developer

  • Responsible for daily maintenance of the C# SDK for Unity/Windows Phone/Windows Desktop/WPF/Xamarin, developing various cross-platform SDKs using Visual Studio.
  • C#/Unity3D

Realtime Chat Component SDK - Core Developer

  • Developed a C# SDK for a client-side real-time chat component based on WebSocket. The server-side used Kafka for message pushing. The client-side encapsulated server-side chat rooms, groups, private messages, and other functionalities, designing C# interface protocols and writing code.
  • C#/WebSocket/Protobuf

LeanCloud Official Documentation - [https://docs.leancloud.cn/] - Core Writer

  • Mainly responsible for Chinese documentation writing and maintenance, as well as writing and reviewing example code.
  • Nunjucks/Markdown/jQuery

Middle Software [email protected](Beijing) | 10/2013 - 04/2014 Link to heading

Proejcts - Roles - Tech Stack Link to heading

CloudBox - Core Backend Developer

  • Exposed System Center’s basic API services to internal WCF services, implementing the functionality of virtualized cloud desktops. Packaged System Center’s PowerShell API into WCF/REST APIs for client-side calls to create virtual desktop hosts, manage cloud resources, monitor subnets, etc. Main clients were banks and large enterprises, focusing on virtual desktop office solutions. The corresponding product is VMware. The project involved exposure to Microsoft Azure’s public and hybrid cloud, as well as an in-depth understanding of Azure’s REST API, especially the encapsulation of asynchronous REST APIs for virtual machine creation.
  • **C#/.NET/SQL Server/System Center/WCF/Azure REST API **

Junior Development@Symbio Beijing | 07/2011 - 07/2013 Link to heading

  • Mainly responsible for developing Windows Phone apps based on Silverlight.

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Nokia App Studio - App Developer

  • Developed corresponding Windows Phone versions of iOS applications acquired by Nokia, and was mainly responsible for 3 games. I used the last generation of XNA engine and Silverlight, and began to gradually understand Microsoft’s XAML technology stack. I was a beginner at the time, and the project was relatively large. At that time, five or six people worked on more than 20 games together, and each person was responsible for three or four.
  • Silverlight for Windows Phone/C#/XNA/XAML/Cocos2d

Skills Link to heading

Programming Languages: C#, JavaScript / TypeScript

Web Development: React (Basic), Angular (Basic) ASP.NET Razor

Web Frameworks: ASP.NET Core (Proficient), Express (Basic)

Databases: MongoDB (Proficient), SQL Server (Basic), Postgres(Basic)

Message Queues: RabbitMQ (Proficient), Kafka (Basic)

Version Control/Deployment Tools: Git(Proficient), Markdown(Proficient),

CI/CD: Jenkins (Proficient), Azure Pipelines&DevOps(Proficient), GitHub Actions (Proficient), FluxCD(Proficient), Harness(Proficient)

Backend Components: Kubernetes (Proficient), Redis(Basic),Elasticsearch(Proficient),Docker(Proficient)

Cloud Platforms: GCP (Proficient), Azure (Proficient), Tencent Cloud/Aliyun/DigitalOcean (Basic)

IDEs: Visual Studio (Proficient), Visual Studio Code (Proficient), IDEA(Basic)

Operating Systems: Linux (ElementaryOS,Ubuntu) (Proficient), macOS (Proficient), Windows (Proficient)

Language: Chinese(Native) English (Fluent)